21 August 2013

Day Six [Manuscripts and Homestay Assignment]

DAY SIX - 21 AUG 2013

Matt and I travelled out to the British Library this afternoon to view the manuscripts there and see the Magna Carta exhibition. After going through each floor and past several halls that require Reader Cards (of which neither of us have), it took a second go around to find where the manuscripts were at.

Since pictures weren't allowed in the library, I can only tell you that some of the items there include the 10th century manuscript of Beowulf (I may have forgotten to breathe when I saw it - after taking an old english course a few years back, Beowulf was a favorite to translate), the earliest version of the Old Testament in english, Jane Austen's writing desk, the entirety of the Gutenberg bible, writings from Shakespeare and his contemporaries, among other things. There were so many items there that it's very hard to remember them all.

The Magna Carta was stored in its own section, and two out of four remaining copies were at the British Library. It was very impressive. One of the copies was very badly damaged in a fire, but the seal for that one is the clearer of the two.

After leaving the Library, we walked down Gower to try to find the British Museum. By the time we got there, it was about 45 minutes until it was going to close, so we decided to head back to the flat instead.

Less than an hour ago, I got an email regarding my homestay assignment. I'll be in the Wembley area. Won't disclose more than that. I'll get in contact with my host family sometime this weekend, so then we can start communicating before I move in on the 4th.

Now it's time to pack for my day trip to the Hastings area tomorrow. Won't be too much, I don't think. One change of clothes plus my train tickets are probably all I'll need.

Til next time, lovelies!


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