18 December 2013


Since arriving back to Minnesota on Saturday, my adjustment back home has been a slow one. I've been consistently waking up at three or four in the morning (sometimes I'll sleep in until 6AM). Just when I believe I just might be back in London, all I have to do is look at the snow outside to see that's not the case. I still find it odd that I no longer live in Cricklewood, attend university in Kensington, or head over to Clapham Common and New Cross during the weekends.

With this semester abroad complete, this chapter, and this blog, must close. I have no plans to take it down, because I will want to go back and read it, but there will be no more posts.

After the holidays, I'll be moving to St. Paul to live with my boyfriend and a group of friends. I will be searching for full time work then as well. As far as my academic career goes, it's best not to ask.

My poetry manuscript is getting that much closer to being finished, and with that, ready to submit to publications.

I found out this morning that I will be one of the actors reprising their role in a touring performance of QUEER! with Gadfly Theatre Productions in April.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

If you wish to get in contact with me (for friendship or writing related inquiries):

Twitter: @TC221Bee

Email: itisalways1895@gmail.com

I remain, lovelies, very sincerely yours,


P.S. Infinite thanks to John Finnemore & Cabin Pressure - without him, the show, or the Travelling Lemon, I would not have had the winning blog submission, and consequently would not be writing to you at all.

13 December 2013

Day One Hundred Seventeen [The Penultimate Chapter: Saying Goodbye]


Normally on Fridays, I wake up before the crack of dawn to catch up on Elementary and Scandal, then ease into whatever may or may not happen, which most likely involved staying inside and resting.

Today, however, was one that involved a lot of tube rides (in the morning) and a few adventures.

I did start out with Elementary and Scandal. Afterwards, I took a trip from Cricklewood to Clapham Common one last time. It was a very hard trip for me, because it meant saying goodbye to Jeremy's Tree. Yes, I am sad about leaving a tree, but besides that, I had gotten very attached to the park. Clapham Common has been one of my favourite spots of London, though to many it may seen a peculiar choice.

Upon returning to Cricklewood, I gathered my luggage (Clapham is consistency muddy and damp; there was no way I was going to drag my things there) and headed out to New Cross to spend my last full day in London where I started, with my friends Al and Matt.

[I said my goodbyes to my host family last night, and gave them a DVD of the Peanuts TV Specials, because I couldn't resist adding a Minnesotan twist to the gift - bonus fact: Charles Schulz graduated from my high school in 1940]

Because I am a huge sentimentalist, I requested that we visited the place where they took me when I first arrived in August: Greenwich. We walked to Cutty Sark, and briefly visited the Greenwich Market before walking up to the Royal Observatory. When we glanced at the railing to get a good view of the city, a person who seemed like a stranger got extremely close to me. I turned to my left and it was my friend KT massively trolling me! I had then remembered that she had planned on going to Greenwich today, but I didn't think we'd run into each other.

A short while later, Al, Matt, and I returned to their flat and relaxed. Since I edited parts of my poetry manuscript the night before, I spent some time figuring out just how much stuff I could feasibly bring back into the states.

I'm ready to return home... to my boyfriend, to my Mom, to my cat, to my Minnesotan friends. It's going to be really hard adjusting back... I've really gotten to know London during my stay.

I truly hope I get to return someday.

If I win the lottery...

Til next time, lovelies!


P.S. My poem, 'Things I Wish I Could Enjoy Again (But Have Been Tainted By Autism Speaks Propaganda)' is featured on page 87 of the first issue of THEM! You can read it here: http://themlit.com/is-i-2013/

P.S.S. Here's a lovely photo I took on Wednesday morning from the top of the London Eye

29 November 2013

Countdown? Sad face!

The days loom in.
The end is near.
The fall term. Autumn. My stay in London.
(Of course, there are magnificent things and people I'll be returning to back in MN, but let's, for a moment, dwell in the aura of apocalyptic melodrama)
In one corner, I've been making a to-do list with the, what seems to be, ever lasting amounts of academic tasks to complete.
In the other corner, the same to-do list method is applied to how many places I wish to see before I leave the UK (as well as the places I wish to return to).
Lately I've been making small trips to more Sherlockian/Holmesian inspired locations. And some non-Holmesian trips as well.
I visited Speedy's Café, and took the obligatory touristy picture of the café with the '221B' door from BBC Sherlock. While my opinion of that show has changed within the past year, I felt it was something that should be done once... and never done again.
Well, that part is a smidge of a fib. Speedy's was closed the first two times I ventured over there since August. (Third time was in fact the charm)
Yesterday morning I attempted to go to St. Bart's Hospital before my acting class. I got off on Barbican just fine, but at some point, ended up by Moorgate, and gave up.
Yesterday afternoon proved better when I walked down Pall Mall to 'try' to locate the fictional Diogenes Club, as mentioned in ACD canon. It is said to have been located close to Carlton Club, but, since a lot of the buildings down Pall Mall are lacking in any obvious indicators, I could not find Carlton Club. Walking down Pall Mall, however, did give me a physical sense as to the environment of the Diogenes Club.

This morning I attempted, and succeeded, in finding St. Bart's Hospital. Starting at St. Paul's proved to be way more efficient.

I also explored Postman's Park, the Strand (again, but this time included a visit to Lyceum Theatre). Included in my adventures was a taste of Red Bull fudge at the Southbank. Sadly, they did not taste like Red Bull.

Tonight is MOJO! I finally get to see Colin Morgan on stage!

Til next time, lovelies!


21 November 2013

Day Ninety Four [Adam Hills]

Day Ninety Four - 20 NOV 2012

I should create a sort of declaration of love to SRO Audiences, seriously. When they sent me an email saying that I was one of the people chosen to attend a filming of Adam Hills' 'Welcome To My World', I was over the moon. I'm a fan of Adam's stand up comedy, and even if the show was sub par, I'd at least have gotten to see him in action for two hours.

I went over to RADA Studios close to the Goodge Street tube station and got in queue at around 6:30PM. It was a bit chilly, but luckily I was prepared with my (shameless advertisement placement here) Primark winter clothes. Once 7PM came, we got our wristbands and was told that in a half hour the bar would be open, so then we wouldn't freeze to death before the show.

Once inside the bar, I talked with this couple (a New Zealand man and an Australian woman) to pass the time. They were lovely, even bought me a pint. I realized afterwards that none of our names were exchanged, which I feel a bit embarrassed about. The bar inside RADA Studios didn't have enough seating, probably because they might not have been used to this many people inside at the same time.

We were led to our seats at just after 8:30PM. Since my wristband was number 16 (in comparison to the couple's numbers in the high 70s), I got to grab a good spot in the second row. This is a perk when going to an event by yourself (probably one of the very few); there will almost always be singular seats open.

Adam Hills came to the stage, as did his celebrity guests, Ross Noble and Jamelia. I had not heard of Jamelia before tonight, but I knew of Ross Noble from his appearances on other shows. His hair was way bigger in person. I wonder if he sometimes uses his hair as a pillow.

The premise of 'Welcome To My World' is that each celebrity tells Adam what they would want to change in the world, then a panelist of scientists and academics would say how feasible it is, and why. Then the audience votes with different color plates to see which celebrity plan is the most popular.

I'm going to leave the details of what occurred a surprise.

However, I will share this.

I never thought, in my life, that I would see Adam Hills and Ross Noble lying down on a table with contraction devices attached to their stomachs.

The filming ended at 11PM. When I arrived, I thought to myself, 'Maybe if I wait a little bit after it's over, then perhaps I could quickly tell Adam how much I enjoy his comedy'. But, the extremely bright lights in the studio, plus my migraine, plus already being exhausted, equaled my body practically rushing me out towards the underground so I could head back to my homestay.

Let's cross our fingers (and other limbs, if you wish) so then the show will actually air and you can see first hand what I'm talking about.

Til next time, lovelies!


20 November 2013

I'm such a tardy tortoise!

Apologies for the update delay. Between having a busy week, and my homestay laptop being consistently a pain more so than usual, I haven't had the chance to write about my week.
Last week I saw One Man Two Guvnors (which was very good) over at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on Tuesday, and Prince of Denmark (let's just say I fell asleep) at the Ambassador's Theatre on Wednesday.
On Friday I (finally) used my CAPA voucher from the fair in Sept and went on the Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour. I don't want to give away too much, because for some reason, I have a smidge of moral fibre left. With that in mind, the tour takes you around specific places in the West End, Covent Garden, and the Strand mostly. It was two hours of nerdiness and a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon.
Non-Sherlock-Holmes related, I must remind myself to go back to visit Lyceum Theatre, because yes that IS the one that Bram Stoker and Henry Irving were involved in. And, well, there is a queer history lesson revolving the men themselves, but that's a different story for another day.
On Saturday I went on a quick visit to Clapham Common, then hung out with Al, Matt, and Rasa in New Cross. Well, Rasa and I kind of went on a shopping excursion to Lewisham, but at least for some of it, the four of us hung out.

Sunday involved Christmas shopping at Brent Cross for my host family. I treated myself to a Krispy Kreme donut afterwards. Not only have I not had a Krispy Kreme donut for a few years, but there are no remaining Krispy Kreme locations in MN.

Last night, Tuesday, was very busy in particular. My morning class had a field trip over to the East End of London, where we had a Kray brothers specified tour, which ended in Shoreditch. My afternoon class had a field trip over to the Guardian. After my classes, I saw a spectacular performance of Spamalot.

Another reminder that the next time I'm over at the South Bank, I should try Red Bull fudge. Yup, that is actually a thing.

Tonight I'm seeing a filming of a comedy show hosted by Adam Hills. I love his work, so I'm very excited. I'm hoping that the rest of this week will feel less... all over the place that the last one felt like.

Til next time, lovelies!