25 August 2013

Day Ten [Jeremy Brett Memorial Locations - Attempt #1]

DAY TEN - 25 AUG 2013

I set out today determined to find the Jeremy Brett Memorial Plaque, and the Jeremy Brett Memorial Tree, to pay my respects to the man whom I owe a great deal to.

I walked past Trafalgar Square to find Wyndham's Theatre, the location where the Jeremy Brett Memorial Plaque is supposed to be. I tried the doors to the box office and they were locked. I figured that since I had arrived there at close to Noon, that perhaps the theatre wasn't open until later.

I headed up to N Gower St for a detour. I was right in my assumption that I could easily find BBC Sherlock's 221B Baker Street. With a small satisfaction in that, with a side of disappointment that Speedy's Cafe was closed (I hear that their vegetarian friendly Watson's Wrap is delicious!); I managed to forget to take a picture before leaving.

I then explored part of the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square, before heading inside Waterstones (a bookstore), to waste some more time.

It wasn't until then that I found out that Wyndham's Theatre is closed on Sundays (something in common with MN... how awful Sundays are when you want to go to places). 

I didn't leave that bookstore empty handed, though. I got "Dancers at the End of Time" by Michael Moorcock, "Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovitch, and "Cock" by Mike Bartlett (this play was dramatized on BBC starring Andrew Scott and Ben Whishaw not too long ago - very recommended GLBT show, though I must warn that at one point there is a transmisogynist slur used by one of the characters).

Afterwards I headed over to Clapham Common to find the Jeremy Brett Memorial Tree. I knew that this part of the quest would be a stab in the dark. All I had was basic directions to La Baita, the cafe near the supposed location, and what the tree looked like in 2009.

At La Baita, the barista told me that I wasn't the first person to ask for the tree, and he pointed in a direction west of the cafe, I believe.

I walked around the park for around a half hour, in a few locations, and while I didn't find the tree (I wish the individuals who planted it in the first place could have put in a stone marker or a detailed map of some kind), I did find drunk people heading to the South West Four Weekender event nearby.

I'm really disappointed in myself for failing this quest. I really wanted to pay respect to Jeremy Brett in the only way I know how. At least now I know when not to head to Wyndham's Theatre, but not finding the tree is an even bigger disappointment. Both David Burke and Edward Hardwicke were there during the planting ceremony in 2007 (Hardwicke has since passed), which, I don't know... I wanted to just go and feel that appreciation too.

Jeremy Brett Memorial Locations - Attempt #2.... TBC

Til next time, lovelies!


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