28 August 2013

Day Thirteen [Jeremy Brett Memorial Locations - Attempt #2 + Tourism]


The past few days were longer for me to go through than the recollection of what actually occurred. 

The condensed version of that involved making sure that my plans for Cardiff Comic Con this weekend go smoothly (I still haven't received my tickets in the post), eating all the sweets, looking up pictures from the Minnesota State Fair because of homesickness, and having an 80s music marathon last night with Matt and Al.

Now to today!

My game plan was set. I checked and double checked that the theatre was open on Wednesdays. I knew which tube station to cross on after getting off of Cannon Street. I equipped myself with the essentials: camera phone, mobile that I text people with, Oyster card, and my snood. At just after 11AM, I walked up the tiny stairwell, walked into the Circle Bar of the Wyndham's Theatre and saw... Him.

Jeremy Brett

Jeremy Brett
1933 - 1995
"I lost a friend whom I regarded as the best as wisest man I have ever known"
- The Regulars

Well, his memorial plaque anyway. I asked the ticket salesperson if they get many requests to see the plaque, and she told me that they sometimes do. I didn't want to fanboy all over the place because I wasn't alone, so I didn't stay long, much as I wanted to.

The closest I'll ever get to meeting him

When I left, I decided to walk towards the Thames to do the stereotypically tourist thing and take loads of pictures of the London Eye, Palace of Westminster and Big Ben (officially Elizabeth Tower now).

On the way, I spotted another Holmesian gem. This isn't a terrible thing, it just seems to always catch me by surprise, especially since how close some places are.

The Sherlock Holmes Pub

Midway through my London Eye/Big Ben photography excursion, there was a street performer doing a comedy routine. There was a huge crowd watching, so I'd figured I'd watch for a minute and just enjoy myself.

After the comedian gathered up a few children as volunteers, he points his attention to me, asking if I was cold (he saw me wearing my snood). 

I said no. 

He yells out how I'm wearing a scarf on the hottest day of the year (22C is so not the hottest, I'd wish I told him about MN's 35C yesterday). Then he goes, "I'm black, not stupid."

That's when I left. Too many spaces allow ableism to just slide by, and it just points out to me very vividly just where I cannot feel like I can be myself, or feel safe enough to wear my chosen comfort clothing (my snood) without being bothered by someone who claims they have the right to tell me how I should be dressing in whichever kind of weather.

My. Comfort. Clothes. Are. None. Of. Your. Concern. Ever.

Of course, the amount of people who hassle me about clothing is nowhere near to the magnitude as for others who wear their clothes for cultural and/or religious reasons. Especially since I'm a white person who passes as a guy.

My point is, basically, take care of your own person, and do not try to claim someone else's agency.

And please, please, don't counteract with ableist slurs.

To end this off on a happy note, I leave you with a Jeremy Brett quote (about Sherlock Holmes) that I hope will stay with you, even if for the rest of the day:

(On playing the "definitive" Sherlock Holmes) "I've done 33 Sherlock Holmes stories 
and bits of them are all right. But the definitive Sherlock Holmes is really in everyone's head. 
No actor can fit into that category because every reader has his own ideal." (February 1991)

Til next time, lovelies!


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