08 August 2013

The Introduction Video! (And Why Vlog Posts Will Be Treats And Not Main Courses)


Hi, my name is Lucas Scheelk. I am the official CAPA blogger for Fall 2013. When I’m in London, this is what I’ll be doing… blogging about my experiences during my study abroad semester over in England.

Let’s see: “Official Blogger”. I don’t know; it has a good ring to it… but maybe something a little more unique.

“Sir Lucas, Blogger of CAPA?”

Wait, actually, no, that’s too Arthurian. There’s already a Sir Lucas, but at least he lives until the battle of Camlann, according to Mallory… No, I wouldn’t want to take his glory.

Sir Lucas. Sir Lucas. No, I’m still stuck on that. Or… “The Royal CAPA Blogger”! No, I’m too American for that. I’ll brainstorm it later.

Anyways, getting back to the main point…

To tell you a couple of things about myself:

I am a student, an undergraduate student, at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus. I am in my sixth year of college. That is a long, complicated story that goes beyond the purpose of this intro video, so we’ll leave it at that. I am studying English and GLBT Studies.

For fun, I like to write poetry, and blog about my experiences in theatre and spoken word. Also, see theatre and spoken word performances around the Twin Cities. 

Let’s see…. I like the rain. You will see me gush over the rain when I am over there in London, because it rains quite a bit, and I’m jealous.

The kind of things I’m going to blog about will be anything from my study abroad courses, to meeting new friends, to theatre shows that I review… specifically to see if they’re friendly towards Autistic people, sensory-wise, make sure there’s not too much problematic things… stuff like that…

And I lost my train of thought… This is why I’m not a vlogger… My attention span just stops sometimes… 

I’m not going to do very many vlog posts. I’m not going to do too many videos. When I do, it’ll be for a special reason. Mostly, I’m just going to write about my experiences, at least a couple of times a week. Probably more, because I like to write a lot.

At this point, it is exactly one week! One week. Seven days, until I leave Minneapolis to go to London. The preparation just never seems to end! At all! Just when I thought that I was a little bit closer to being done with preparation, no. No. 

I’m staying at my Mom’s until I leave, and a bunch of my stuff is just all over the living room, waiting to be packed, while I get other things done…

The Minnesota Fringe Festival. I’m in a show for that, and that ends this weekend.

Also, getting bank stuff prepared, and I just filled my prescription today, so I’ll have that ready to go.

Clothes too! How many clothes do I bring? I don’t have that many clothes, but how many clothes do I bring? I don’t know!

Going to try to figure all of that out before I go… and that is my intro, because I am just going to start flailing about… things, if I don’t stop, so…

Til next time, lovelies, bye!

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