09 September 2013

Day Twenty Three & Twenty Four [CAPA Coach Tour, Notting Hill?, Primrose Hill & Camden Market]


Saturday was another day of sleeping in. Potential sleeping in. 

Did I take advantage of this? 


Instead, I went on a financial-related errand over at Oxford Circus, which ended up being a total bust. Oxford Circus in itself is full of many shops. I'll have to explore the Plaza again when it doesn't involve a stressful endeavor.

I had lunch over at Kensington High Street (when I say lunch, I mean I grabbed the cheapest non-meat sandwich for slightly over a pound and a 50p energy drink from Tescos) then had a short walk through Trafalgar Way before heading to CAPA for the coach tour of London.

The first place we stopped at was Buckingham Palace. The Union Jack flag was flying, so we knew that the Queen wasn't there. The Queen, during this part of the year, takes a holiday up in Scotland, so one could actually go inside Buckingham Palace and get a decent tour there. After the end of Sept, I believe that's when it's more closed off to the public.

Kasey was happy that the guards were wearing red and not gray
 The unicorn is the most majestic part about the Palace
 *Insert Of Monster's And Men "King and Lionheart" here*

 It took me five tries to get a good Union Jack shot, seriously

 Me at Buckingham Palace

After that we went over to Westminster Abbey (and Big Ben as well, since it was a short walk). It was interesting to learn that you had to pay to get inside the Abbey, unless you were attending a church service. For those who lean towards the religious side, in a way you have a loophole to see the (what I've been told) amazing architecture at the Abbey. But that sort of thing probably shouldn't be endorsed? I never said I was a role model...

 Westminster Abbey

 The Abbey's less commercially photographed side

 Because why not have another pic of Big Ben?

We had a lunch break over at St. Paul's Cathedral. We were going to go to the Tower of London, but unfortunately the EDL decided to have a protest there so the police barracaded the area. All you need to know about the EDL is that they are huge racists and spread their hatred for the "good" of England. This is one of the reasons why everything is plastered with the Union Jack flag instead of the English flag. Nationalist groups like the EDL use the English flag...

The tour ended at close to 5, and since a few of us weren't tired yet; Jorge, Sarah, Kasey, Melody, and I went over to Earl's Court and found the TARDIS a old fashioned blue police box.

Oh no you don't, Doctor! You're not leaving me behind!

Still restless, even after the TARDIS police box, while most of the group split to go home, Melody and I set off towards Notting Hill Gate. At some point during the tour, our guide pointed out the exact hotel that was used during the Notting Hill movie.

The problem was that we didn't bother gathering any sort of directions before heading there.

What we did find, however, was Kensington Gardens Park.

 The Round Pond - first body of water I've seen in London that's not the Thames!

 Kensington Palace - future home of William, Kate, and George

Gate of Kensington Palace - flowers, letters, etc. to Princess Diana

Before leaving the Notting Hill area, we walked down what is technically called the Kensington Palace Gardens; it houses officials from different embassies. A list can be found here. Pictures were not allowed down this road, but I recommend taking a stroll. The houses are gorgeous and the trees lined up is serene.

Sunday's adventures started earlier in the day (and didn't last as long as Saturday's). A huge group of CAPA students met up at the Swiss Cottage station and we were taken on a tour around Primrose Hill and the Camden Market.

Primrose Hill has a reputation for housing some big name celebrities. Didn't see any.

 Primrose Hill - Jorge, Sarah, Kasey, Imani, myself, and Melody

 My first deep fried Mars Bar! (only cost £1.50)
Stables Market at Camden - since 1854, as it loves to advertise

We all probably stayed there for about an hour. Got lost. Haggled two pounds off my my rice and noodles dish (thank you Jorge!). Returned to Willesden Green just after 3PM. Took a long nap.

It's true what they say, shopping (actual and window) is exhausting.

Til next time, lovelies!


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