15 August 2013

14 hours!

I am now at the 14 hour mark of the Minneapolis departure countdown.

Things that I have done to distract myself from the stress of making sure everything goes accordingly includes: bearing the David Letterman show just so then I can watch Craig Ferguson afterwards (with his fabulousness), solve cryptograms, apologize to my boyfriend multiple times because I'm so stressed, do laundry at close to midnight, and remembering every other minute that it might be raining when I arrive in London.

It's fine, really. I'll be fine when I land.

Fun fact, finding your arrival time at the London Heathrow airport website is 15 million times easier to navigate through than trying to find your departure time at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport website.

Going through airport security worries me, that's what I'm most nervous about, besides the general making sure I get to London fine.

Worried about my medication. Worried about the full body scan. Worried about the gender marker on my passport. Worried about my anxiety levels rising.

My friend, whom I'm staying with before the CAPA Program, just sent me a message saying that I can "snuggle bond" with his cat, Roy Mustang, when I arrive. Kitten love solves all... unless you're not a cat person. In that case, I shake my head at you and keep all the cats to myself.

Will I sleep tonight? Who knows.

Will I sleep on the plane? Well... I didn't sleep during the 14 hour flight to Japan when I went 3 years ago, so that's up in the air too. Literally and metaphorically.

Til next time, lovelies!


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