17 August 2013

Day One [Arrival & Greenwich]

DAY ONE - 16 AUG 2013

I arrived safely in London yesterday morning at just after 7:00. The sky was cloudy. The rain was drizzling. The wind produced a light breeze. After what seemed like a millenia, I was finally out of the plane! There was a few snags like the immigration officer in Heathrow telling me that Deptford's not a nice area, and almost losing my suitcase, but in the case of getting through security (gender wise, and medication wise), it was fine.

First thing I did after getting out of the airport was drop off my luggage at my friend's flat and change clothes. It felt so nice to not have these extra attachments constantly at my side. We all walked around their neighborhood, before the zombification process began, and foretold a prophecy of me not going another day without sleep (apparently 2 days was my max limit). Meaning, I took a nap, lol.

Walked around Greenwich this evening with my friends, Al and Matt. We went across the Thames via Foot Tunnel, walked past the National Maritime Museum, and saw the magnificent view from on top of the hill by the Royal Observatory.

National Maritime Museum

View from Royal Observatory

After we came back, an epic Maltesers Battle began between myself and their cat, Roy Mustang!

"This is not the last you've seen of me!"

Here are a list of things that I learned during my first day in London (because I like odd lists):

1. When on the street, look right when you would normally look left; look left when you would normally look right.

2. You don’t swipe your credit card at the paying till; you stick it in like at an ATM machine.

3. Use the toy containers found in Kinder eggs as a pound coin container, they’re surprisingly helpful.

4. You can walk under the Thames via the Greenwich Foot Tunnel in ten minutes or less, for free. It’s less crowded than the sidewalks above ground, and you won’t have to use bus fare to get across the river if you’re in that area.

5. Wearing a hoodie or light jacket is no big deal in August.

6. I’ve heard more Jamaican music blasting from cars from one day in London than I have in an entire year in Minneapolis.

7. Sparkling water is a combination of water and carbonation and I don’t like it at all. Bought a Sparkling Scotland bottle for 72p and I regretted every pence of it.

8. Chocolates taste less sugary here, but this is not a bad thing.

9. The size of a lot of flats here are very small in comparison to in America. While I don’t mind at all, I know others very much do.

10. Finding this gem in a 99p store...

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