19 August 2013

Day Four [The Little Book Of Calm(ly Getting Lost)]

DAY FOUR - 19 AUG 2013

Met up with my friend Cee for the first time this afternoon!

Our plan was to walk over to Greenwich, with an evil plan in mind, but first we somehow ended up in Peckham. At some point we forgot to turn and before we knew it we could see the London Eye in the horizon. Meaning = disaster.

So we took the 453 back to New Cross and walked to Deptford High Street and through THAT we were able to get to Greenwich. Along the way we stopped at the Greenwich Market (one of the sweet shops there had AMERICAN soda drinks as a featured item, and I laughed for 72 million years). 

Next to that were boxes of Pop Tarts for 5 pounds 49 - why so much?!

On the way back, we went into this antique shop that was close to Halcyon Books, and it was being filmed for Antiques Roadshow! I don’t think we were filmed at all, pretty sure we weren’t.

At Halcyon books, though, was a 1 pound sale throughout, and I found the Little Book of Calm! Like from Black Books! Of all the places to find that book…

I was anything BUT calm when I found it!

Cee and I had a lovely time, despite getting lost. I can’t wait to see both her AND our friend Caitlin on the 24th, because there might be a chocolate quest involved.

Afterwards, a nap was required because of the overload of awesomeness. Then, a trip to Tescos. Because of bubbly chocolatey reasons.

Things I learned today:

  1. My friend's washing machine sounds like the Tube in high speed (I feel like my Oyster card is getting charged every time clothes are washed)
  2. Band aids are called plasters
  3. How to walk to Peckham
  4. My computer, since the internet connection is from a UK router, can access Channel 4 and BBC iPlayer
Til next time, lovelies!


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