19 August 2013

Day Three (Part Two) [Tempest Day]

DAY THREE - 18 AUG 2013

The queue started up just before 1PM (for a 6:30PM show). We (my friends Mariah, Stefan, and I) thought that it might have been the queue for Gabriel, because it was playing before… but quite a few of them stayed. We joined the queue at around 1:30PM.

We were in queue for almost 5 hours. We took a couple of breaks and took turns between getting coffee and using the bathroom. There were a group of women next to us with a full blown picnic set up on the street. At one point they offered all of us a scone, and later on their bottle of champagne sprayed all over us.

Once finally getting inside the Globe, we managed to get in the second row of the yard. Luckily, the people ahead of me were shorter, so my vision wasn’t affected by that.

All of the actors were brilliant! The ones who stood out to me were James Garnon, as Caliban. The physicality of his movements and voice between grunts and squawks made me think of him as a bird transformed into a human at times. 

Joshua James, as Ferdinand, soaked in the audience’s cheers for him and played that factor into some of his lines (especially the sex references, holy shit).

Sarah Sweeney and Amanda Wilken as the spirits were as ethereal and held their own as much as Ariel. Sarah’s singing voice was lovely, and Amanda’s enthusiasm and energy was fantastic. Both of them in particular made the wings of the harpy look truly frightening!

Speaking of the harpy scene. No stilts. Since my friends and I were standing in a location where one of the characters was choking to death right there, it was a challenge to figure out what to pay attention to! That, the harpy, or Prospero chanting at the top of the stage!

Matthew Raymond as Ariel… While part of the reason why I wanted to see the Tempest was because of Colin… I found my Ariel in Matthew. His portrayal was sweet and diligent towards his service to Prospero, even in the background of the scenes with the royals you always knew he was there. Matthew was admirable. Also, the fact that he played Ariel under not ideal circumstances makes the effort and the performance something extra.

Roger Allam as Prospero gave me chills. Legit chills. I cannot count how many times I had to hold in my breath because of him. Since I know somewhat the changes in his voice during heightened emotions, I spent some of the time looking at his eyes. The subtle changes in his eyes gave away more about Prospero than almost anything else. The pain, loneliness, desperation, the anger, the hate, and the love.

Overall, the show was… it was worth flying over to London early for. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.


What happened after the show still seems like a dream that never happened… But…

Me and Roger Allam

Me and Matthew Raymond

After leaving the Swan Bar, I walked with Stefan along the South Bank. The lights illuminating the Millenium Bridge and the buildings on the other side of the Thames, the quiet, the lack of people... it was a symbol of London (to me). To end the day with a white rose from the curtain call in hand and a certain kind of happiness... these words are not enough of a description...

Til next time, lovelies!


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