05 September 2013

Day Twenty One [Harrods, CAPA Orientation Part 1, and Homestay]


I had a few free hours this morning before I had to be at CAPA for orientation this afternoon, so I partaked in one of my oldest hobbies: window shopping. And, because I was feeling very masochistic in my pauper status, I went to a very expensive store. A store where people try, and I do mean try, to find the most inexpensive thing to buy just to get the bag.

Unless it's for a different place, then nevermind me; they eventually all sound the same...

I went to Harrods.

(I'm posting from my phone once again. I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to upload photos from my phone to this blog, so forgive me for the lack of visual representation again.)

Among the many things I found, some gems included chocolate golf balls (I immediately thought of my Grandpa), Twister made out of chocolates, and gold Harrods bars made of fancy chocolates (fitting, I think). 

I made my way over to the men's clothing section, and as soon as I saw that the price tag for one of their scarves was 75 pounds, I knew it was time to leave.

The CAPA orientation started at noon, and there were two small sessions that went over arriving in London and homestay decorum. Afterwards we had a 2.5 hour break, which was a bit too long of a break for me. I found the Kensington Central Library and got my own library card (one of the CAPA student perks). I also walked along the edge of Kensington Park and explored a bit of Imperial College. I'm a bit crossed with them because their semester doesn't start until Oct, and I really want to join their LGBT club and their Podcasting club. Maybe Parkour too? We'll see.

I got back to CAPA 30 mins before the break ended... this is a surprise to no one.

For the last part of orientation we covered safety in London and transportation. Then at half past five, we were free to leave. Meaning for me, get back to my homestay.

My second day at my homestay still feels new to me. It shouldn't, since I've already been through this process with my friends in New Cross. But this is Willesden Green with a family where the oldest is younger than 18. There's a mum, a teenage daughter, and a preteen son.

For now, since I don't know if I have their consent to use their names, I will use an initial instead.

Mum - "E"
Daughter - "F"
Son - "D"

If they give consent in future, then and only then will I reveal their names. It might seem weird, but consent is very important to me.

When I got back, I spent some time doing a bit of decorating. One of my walls is becoming a giant landscape of tube maps and bus times.

Though my favorite decoration is my poster of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, currently hanging on my closet door.

Tomorrow is yet another day of orientation. That will mostly focus on police safety and academics. We'll be getting fed afterwards! (Can't pass free food!)

One tip I have, more to myself as a critical reminder - pack/bring food with you because relying on Kensington to feed you will make your wallet burst into metaphorical tears of anguish.

Til next time, lovelies!


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