03 September 2013

Dear CAPA Peers

Still no progress on the probably damaged Mac cord issue, so I'm posting via my cell phone today.

Today is the last day of living in New Cross with Al and Matt, and I plan on not going anywhere (mostly to rest my feet); it is also the last day before my fellow CAPA peers arrive in the UK (a few of you are already here, I realize).

Because of this, I, as someone who's been here for a few weeks, want to give a few pieces of advice for said academic peers. I hope that some of this might be helpful and isn't as pompous as it might appear.

1. I don't recommend sandals. You'll be walking around a lot, and the weather changes fairly often. Same for heels.

2. Public drinking fountains really are not a thing here. I heavily recommend bringing a plastic or reusable bottle when you're on the go. I got some Emerge energy drinks at four for a quid at Poundland and filled up my one litre bottle (was very useful on the Megabus from Cardiff to London).

3. Speaking of Poundland - those shops and 99p stores will become your best friends.

4. There are shops that sell "American" foods, meaning they sell loads of what we consider junk food and cereals. I'm still not used to it.

5. Scan oyster card when you enter. Scan when you leave. It charges for each journey you take outside the station. It'll make sense eventually.

6. It's ok to feel lost.

7. Their bum bags are our fanny packs. Do not say fanny unless you are actually talking about the anatomical part. Even then it's sort of frowned upon in public.

8. Some people might confuse you as Canadian if you're from the Midwest like myself.

9. Do not neglect your belongings for a second!

10. Buy a coin purse or use the Kinder egg container to store your pound coins. I can guarantee that you'll be using coin more than notes.

11. Your driver's license and state I.D. are acceptable forms of identification. Use it! [Amended 10 Sept 2013]

12. Embrace the tourist in you, enjoy yourself, but don't think you know everything. None of us will.

Til next time, lovelies!



  1. Go Lucas. Yes in austerity style London Poundland is an idea whose time has come. The only thing is that, not unnaturally, things cost a £. For some hair shampoos, shower gels and similar, Boots the Chemist can be cheaper with 2 for 1 and buy 2 get 1 free deals working out under £1. Looking forward to next post.