02 September 2013

Small Announcement

Arrived back from Cardiff safe and sound!

I won't be able to make a post about it tonight, unfortunately.

My computer charger is not working, and I don't have enough battery power to catalogue everything; this is very frustrating... Mac computer chargers are not cheap. This is the second time literally within a month. The first was because of my cat chewing through the cord.

This time, it's more of a mystery, because the cord itself looks physically fine.

For now, I can update with a few quick things:

- My homestay had to be updated for a third time, but I believe it is the last time! Come Weds, I will be in the Willesden Green area.
- Comic Con was amazing! Met Anthony Head, Alex Vlahos, Kajsa Mohammar, plus amazing new friends.
- Today (2nd Sept) is my 2nd T-versary, meaning that exactly two years ago I started taking testosterone.

As soon as I get the charger stuff sorted, I will write a better post with loads of pictures.

Til next time, lovelies!


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