08 October 2013

Day Forty Three [Magical Quarter Century Part 3 - Edinburgh Again!]


Apologies for being tardy on completing the last part of my Magical Quarter Century update. I used the entirity of last weekend to catch up on homework and not leave my homestay. It was something I very much needed.

Lucky, this third and final part of my weekend excursion is more or less a short one, because my time in Edinburgh the second time only lasted a few hours. Essentially, I crammed in a couple of small adventures in between arriving in Edinburgh from St. Andrews, and leaving from Edinburgh to head back to London.

Highlights include:

 St. Andrew Square

 The highlights of Old Calton Cemetery

 Old Calton Cemetery - I swear I don't really like cemeteries that much, but they usually provide great views

 Edinburgh from Old Calton Hill

 The Conan Doyle

 Sherlock Holmes statue - plus Sir ACD was born in a building not too far away from there

This gem at the John Lewis Shopping Centre - my 16 year old self would be estatic!

Luckily for the 9 hour bus ride back to London, there were no crying children. I did, however, got to very briefly see the border between Scotland and England. I also got some writing done, but I won't bore you all with that.

This will be a short post, I'm afraid. I promise that my next post will not be too far off from now. Before the weekend, most likely.

I leave you with two teasers because why not?

The teasers are not be related to each other, just to clarify. They are two separate entities.

Teaser #1: Radio

Teaser #2:

Til next time, lovelies!


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