11 October 2013

Time for writing? Time for creativi-NO NO CREATIVITY ONLY ZUUL

I'm only slighting kidding about the title, however there is some truth in it. Academia always makes it hard for me to prioritize my hobbies that, if I'm being entirely honest, brings me the most self-awareness. Those hobbies encompass writing, and acting.

When I'm in a writing dry spell, the academic semester, for me, drags on and I feel like I have no purpose.

When my writing muse decides to be generous (as it is right now, actually), it can be really frustrating when there's simply not enough spare energy to just write. I try very hard to hide that though. In at least one of my classes, there's a creative writing aspect to it, so it simmers that feeling of anxiousness to write... temporarily.

And with acting... well... that's even harder to describe. I just love the experience of it, mostly. I'm drawn to it; it's something I want to do more often.

Recently though, I'm happy to announce, I have been able to take part in, or start planning, the following creative projects and/or events:

1. Submitted a 100 word short story, in which my main character is referenced in only gender neutral pronouns. It was personally very liberating to write.

2. A monologue I submitted some time ago got rejected, so now I am free to use it for something else. Also very liberating, if you think about it. In regards to that particular piece... if you want something done, you better do it yourself.

3. I'll be starting a 6 episode radio show next week with Imperial College London Radio. Specifically next Thursday. I'll put up the details when it's closer to the first air date. Essentially, I'll be playing a character with a stereotypical "Minnesotan" accent who visits London for a week. It's part parody, part comedy. Each episode will cover a day in their adventures.

4. I went to an acting masterclass that Sylvestra Le Touzel taught at the Theatre Royal Haymarket this afternoon. I had fun playing Lysander for a bit! One of the best bits about this class was that it was free for under 30s. Also this line that she said, "Acting is conveying one thought to someone else. No one knows how it's done".

OH! As for the other teaser from the last post...

If you get off of the Russell Square tube station

Walk past Gay's The Word (well, after you stop in and take a look at their collection of literature, of course)

Take a right once you see Cartwright Gardens onto Leigh St

About halfway down the street

You'll find the exterior filming location of Black Books (Collinge & Clark)!


And with that, I'll leave you with a passage from The Little Book of Calm...

"Remain on the lookout for things that make you laugh - and, if you see nothing worth laughing at, pretend you see it. Then laugh."

This is legit in the book. I've been using the fake rose petal from the Tempest as the bookmark for it, so then I could remember that it's there.


Til next time, lovelies!


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