29 November 2013

Countdown? Sad face!

The days loom in.
The end is near.
The fall term. Autumn. My stay in London.
(Of course, there are magnificent things and people I'll be returning to back in MN, but let's, for a moment, dwell in the aura of apocalyptic melodrama)
In one corner, I've been making a to-do list with the, what seems to be, ever lasting amounts of academic tasks to complete.
In the other corner, the same to-do list method is applied to how many places I wish to see before I leave the UK (as well as the places I wish to return to).
Lately I've been making small trips to more Sherlockian/Holmesian inspired locations. And some non-Holmesian trips as well.
I visited Speedy's Café, and took the obligatory touristy picture of the café with the '221B' door from BBC Sherlock. While my opinion of that show has changed within the past year, I felt it was something that should be done once... and never done again.
Well, that part is a smidge of a fib. Speedy's was closed the first two times I ventured over there since August. (Third time was in fact the charm)
Yesterday morning I attempted to go to St. Bart's Hospital before my acting class. I got off on Barbican just fine, but at some point, ended up by Moorgate, and gave up.
Yesterday afternoon proved better when I walked down Pall Mall to 'try' to locate the fictional Diogenes Club, as mentioned in ACD canon. It is said to have been located close to Carlton Club, but, since a lot of the buildings down Pall Mall are lacking in any obvious indicators, I could not find Carlton Club. Walking down Pall Mall, however, did give me a physical sense as to the environment of the Diogenes Club.

This morning I attempted, and succeeded, in finding St. Bart's Hospital. Starting at St. Paul's proved to be way more efficient.

I also explored Postman's Park, the Strand (again, but this time included a visit to Lyceum Theatre). Included in my adventures was a taste of Red Bull fudge at the Southbank. Sadly, they did not taste like Red Bull.

Tonight is MOJO! I finally get to see Colin Morgan on stage!

Til next time, lovelies!


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