21 November 2013

Day Ninety Four [Adam Hills]

Day Ninety Four - 20 NOV 2012

I should create a sort of declaration of love to SRO Audiences, seriously. When they sent me an email saying that I was one of the people chosen to attend a filming of Adam Hills' 'Welcome To My World', I was over the moon. I'm a fan of Adam's stand up comedy, and even if the show was sub par, I'd at least have gotten to see him in action for two hours.

I went over to RADA Studios close to the Goodge Street tube station and got in queue at around 6:30PM. It was a bit chilly, but luckily I was prepared with my (shameless advertisement placement here) Primark winter clothes. Once 7PM came, we got our wristbands and was told that in a half hour the bar would be open, so then we wouldn't freeze to death before the show.

Once inside the bar, I talked with this couple (a New Zealand man and an Australian woman) to pass the time. They were lovely, even bought me a pint. I realized afterwards that none of our names were exchanged, which I feel a bit embarrassed about. The bar inside RADA Studios didn't have enough seating, probably because they might not have been used to this many people inside at the same time.

We were led to our seats at just after 8:30PM. Since my wristband was number 16 (in comparison to the couple's numbers in the high 70s), I got to grab a good spot in the second row. This is a perk when going to an event by yourself (probably one of the very few); there will almost always be singular seats open.

Adam Hills came to the stage, as did his celebrity guests, Ross Noble and Jamelia. I had not heard of Jamelia before tonight, but I knew of Ross Noble from his appearances on other shows. His hair was way bigger in person. I wonder if he sometimes uses his hair as a pillow.

The premise of 'Welcome To My World' is that each celebrity tells Adam what they would want to change in the world, then a panelist of scientists and academics would say how feasible it is, and why. Then the audience votes with different color plates to see which celebrity plan is the most popular.

I'm going to leave the details of what occurred a surprise.

However, I will share this.

I never thought, in my life, that I would see Adam Hills and Ross Noble lying down on a table with contraction devices attached to their stomachs.

The filming ended at 11PM. When I arrived, I thought to myself, 'Maybe if I wait a little bit after it's over, then perhaps I could quickly tell Adam how much I enjoy his comedy'. But, the extremely bright lights in the studio, plus my migraine, plus already being exhausted, equaled my body practically rushing me out towards the underground so I could head back to my homestay.

Let's cross our fingers (and other limbs, if you wish) so then the show will actually air and you can see first hand what I'm talking about.

Til next time, lovelies!


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