03 November 2013

Midterm Break London Staycation Adventure #3: Hampstead Heath

This afternoon, I went on a stroll in Hampstead Heath with my host family, L, D, F, and the dog, Bella. My host mum, L, had been wanting to take me over to Hampstead Heath, since I'd never been. We drove over there shortly after 1PM, first passing by some of the luxurious mansions of, I'm sure, very high-status individuals.

One quarter of the stroll consisted of me taking pictures of all the pretty things. Trust me, the photos I'll be posting here are only a small sample of the pretty.

One quarter of the stroll involved making sure that Bella did not get too much attention, because she's very much in heat.

One quarter of the stroll was D, convinced that the nuts he found inside one of the trees were full of white chocolate.

The last quarter of the stroll was actually walking.

The Swan was hiding from me, I swear

Central London in the horizon

A rainbow kite - Of course I took a picture of it!

Central London in the horizon once more

The dog that braved the cold pond water to fetch their stick!

 We were in Hampstead Heath for about two hours total. Our outing, along with my solitary early morning trip to Clapham Common, was magnificent. Hampstead Heath in particular reminded me of my trips to Itasca State Park when I was D's age - swimming at the start of the Mississippi River and never wanting to leave. Some memories never die, it seems.

Til next time, lovelies!


P.S. Today would have been Jeremy Brett's 80th birthday. I welcome you to read the poem I wrote about him over 6 months ago (and read at his memorial tree today), entitled, "Dear Jeremy Brett".

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