30 October 2013

Midterm Break London Staycation Adventure #2: MOJO, M&M's World, Christmas(?), and New Cross

For the first time in five days, I ventured into the colossus that is central London. The period of hibernation had come to the point where, if I did not leave my flat today, it wouldn't happen at all.

I won't bore you with discussing the hour I spent at CAPA printing out homework assignments and literary publication submission info.

My first stop of the day was to the Harold Pinter Theatre to take some building exterior photos (the promotion for MOJO is all over the building). I might be just a bit excited to see it next month. I'm curious to see how Rupert Grint's stage debut will play out. Also, I am ecstatic to see Colin Morgan on stage - since he was ill when I saw the Tempest in Aug; I couldn't see him then. I didn't get as many pictures of the Harold Pinter Theatre as I wanted; lorries practically covered the entire street!


After that, I walked towards Leicester Square, where I found M&M's World. I thought, "why not?" and went inside. The crowds were massive, so I didn't stay for long. I did get a chance to (quickly) explore all four floors of M&M goodness.

This piece was made entirely out of M&M's

M&M Watson looks a little bit like Edward Hardwicke

My favourite is Pl - Purple
My short stint in Leicester Square turned into a visit over to the Crypt at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, then to a walk down the Strand to Covent Garden.

Halloween is tomorrow, and yet Christmas decorations are already up. This strange concept occurs in the states as well, but really, people are a bit too keen. I'd like to enjoy October, and Autumn, just a little bit longer please.

England, I am begging you not to start snowing until after I leave. I'm going to get enough of it back in MN...

Covent Garden - the tree is beautiful though
I'm not sure if Somerset House is more discreet with their winter preparations, or less...
Impressive ice rink
From there, I crossed the Waterloo Bridge and walked along the South Bank to London Bridge. From London Bridge, I travelled the 5 minutes on train to New Cross.
I spent most of the afternoon with Al, and his friend Rasa. The three of us had a (mostly) Disney marathon. Hercules + The Emperor's New Groove + The Prince of Egypt + The Lion King = an amazing time! I might have been a little overzealous with my constant narration and echolalia. Luckily, neither Al or Rasa minded. Roy (Al's cat) however, after the initial, "I'VE MISSED YOU FRIEND," looked ready to destroy me.
Til next time, lovelies!

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