29 August 2013

Day Fourteen [V & A Museum, and Sneaky CAPA Trip]


Today's adventures didn't start out until 2 in the afternoon. I had been up since around 9AM, but Matt wasn't ready until 2, and he wanted to come along to the V & A Museum with me. Al was going to come as well, but he had unexpected plans sprout at the last minute.

On the way to the museum, when we were on the District Line in the Underground... we were just about to leave St. James' Park; I looked to the train going opposite direction of us, and I swore that there was a man sitting inside that looked just like Sir Ian McKellen. 

I don't know how many doppelgängers he has. If it was Sir Ian, then good on you for hiding in plain sight! If it wasn't him, then whoever it was could have a good career at being an impersonator!

The V & A Museum is located just past what seemed to be a plethora of shops (South Kensington is a pretty posh neighborhood - since CAPA is closeby, I'll be in that environment more often soon). Matt wanted to see the stained glass windows, since he wasn't able to see those yesterday. I just went along for the ride, the excessively marble statued ride.

Some of the highlights include:

This greeted us as we walked inside

Scar and Sarabi costumes from The Lion King musical (designed by Julie Taymor)

Frank N. Furter costume design for Rocky Horror Picture Show (1981)

Michael Crawford's Phantom costume design for Phantom of the Opera musical (1986)

Costumes for Because We Must (1987, designed by Leigh Bowery)

Kylie Minogue's dressing room replica (2007's Showgirl: Homecoming Tour)

Ceremonial comb with astrological symbols (France, around 875)

Book covers (1100-20, possibly Canterbury)

BBC Merlin fans! Young Sir Valiant cosplay, yes?

Iron Strongbox (1500-20, Belgium)

Christ on the Cross (Italy, around 1250)

There is a reason why Matt and I call him, "Creepy Jesus"

After leaving the V & A, Matt and I had some time to kill before we wanted to head back to the flat. Since we were in fact in the neighborhood, we headed towards CAPA International.

The Natural History Museum is literally next to the V & A

Once inside CAPA, I was given the orientation packet early and was told that because of unforeseen circumstances, I was getting a different host family. Yes, I was told why. No, I'm not sharing why. Instead of getting to know the Wembley area starting next week, I'll be in the Harlesden area.

Misc. Things About London That I've Learned Recently:

  • I understand why people are so upset about Freddos now! I saw them when I went to Sainsburys yesterday afternoon, and there is NO reason why those tiny guys should cost 20p!
  • I don't know if I like Lucozade or not. Some gulps, I like it. Other gulps, it's the weirdest thing that doesn't taste like soda or an energy drink.
  • Everyday, I am thankful that on every street corner it tells you which way to look for traffic.
  • The people at CAPA described New Cross as "edgy", and that's not an adjective I'd use. Not in a negative way, I just don't see it as edgy.
  • 453 is my favorite bus route. That might be because it was the first double decker I rode when first arriving in London.
I'm leaving tomorrow night to spend the weekend in Cardiff. I'm going because of Cardiff Comic Con, and because that's when their Pride weekend is. I am a very happy and very lucky individual. With that in mind, this might mean that I won't be able to blog until after I arrive back in London on Monday, towards the evening. Though, don't hold me to that. 

At the very latest, the next update will be on Tuesday, the 2nd of Sept.

Til next time, lovelies!


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  1. I agree with you, Lucas. "Look left" is every bit as helpful as "Mind the gap!"