25 October 2013

Day Sixty Two [Stratford-upon-Avon & Kenilworth Castle]

Day Sixty Two - 19 OCT 2013

My morning started out trying a bag of Marmite Rice Cake bits from Sainsburys (it was disgusting) and being way under-caffeinated for the CAPA trip to Stratford-upon-Avon and Kenilworth Castle.

We had to leave at around 8:30AM. Since I had to wake up an hour earlier than usual to get to Cromwell Road, I did not get much sleep. Way less people came along this time around, which gave me space to breathe on the coach.

We drove through heavy fog over at Oxfordshire (which inspired a flash fiction of sorts), and eventually we made it over to Stratford-upon-Avon.

What we weren't aware of until we got there was that we only had an hour and a half to be there. Which, even though SUA is a fairly small town, was still not enough time. Especially since 45 minutes were used to visit the house where Shakespeare was born.

Not that that it wasn't awesome - it was... but the required video showings took up more time than necessary.

Melody, Sarah, and I turbo-ed (it's a verb, shh) through Shakespeare's House, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the church where Shakespeare's grave was.

Well, an attempt was made for the last one. We couldn't actually SEE his grave. The church was closed because of a wedding ceremony.

Imagine if they said their vows over his corpse. Mmm. Romantic.

Shakespeare's birthplace


In the horizon - Shakespeare's grave

At just after 1PM, we headed back on the coach to head over to the Kenilworth Castle. Luckily, the drive was only a half hour, and not close to three. Though we had the same amount of time at the Castle as we did in SUA, no one needed to turbo through anything, which was a relief.

Kenilworth Castle

If I ever get my poetry book published - THIS will be my "professional" photo

At the castle garden - Arthur Shappey would LOVE this polar bear!

The Great Hall of Kenilworth Castle

Oh, how majestic and pompous this pose is!

Not as easy as it looks...
There were many "secret" rooms and narrow stairwells that I explored, and for a bit I sat on the hill behind the castle and just enjoyed the view of the countryside.
A little after 3PM, we left Kenilworth Castle (but not before a sampled some Elderberry wine from the gift shop - amazing). The only exciting bit about the coach ride back to London was stopping back at the same rest stop from this morning.
Why was that exciting? Because inside there were TWO Starbucks right next to each other. Two. Within. The. Same. Establishment.
Subtlety is not a thing here...
Til next time, lovelies!

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