17 October 2013

I Can Haz Radio?

I mentioned recently that I'm going to be doing a radio show with Imperial College - a show that I created, wrote, and will voice for. There's been a few snags regarding figuring out exactly how and where to edit show information and, most importantly, remembering the training with everything else going on.

My show that I had originally planned to start this afternoon will need to be pushed back a week, at the most, two weeks.

I can, at least, give a synopsis of what's to (please, hopefully) come. Creatively, I need something to look forward to, especially since my 100 word story was rejected this morning.

The “O’ Don’t ‘Cha Know” Show

A parody, a comedy, with sprinkles of heartbreak on top!

Created and voiced by: Lucas Scheelk

Cheryl Peterson, Minnesotan born and raised, goes on a holiday to London for a week, shortly after her husband files for divorce. With the advice of her daughter, Cheryl creates a podcast to document her travels while she’s abroad. Each episode of The “O’ Don’t ‘Cha Know” Show will encompass one to two days of Cheryl’s adventures.

Other things to look forward to that are unrelated to this - See if I can somehow get into the Tim Rice Musical Masterclass, doing some celebrity spotting at the BFI, and CAPA's Statford-upon-Avon trip this Saturday.

Til next time, lovelies!


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