29 October 2013

Midterm Break London Staycation Adventure #1: Gladstone Park

After staying inside and hibernating this past weekend, I ventured out for a few hours yesterday. One must integrate slowly in occasions like this, to avoid shock and/or mental exhaustion.

I took a walk over at Gladstone Park - an enormous 97 acre park just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my flat. There's no tourist attraction there, or major celebrities (that I'm aware of), so it's mostly joggers, families, and dog-walkers that inhabit the space.

Of course, the day I went was during St. Jude's storm, so my original plan of writing at Gladstone was cut a bit short because of the high winds. I did enjoy the walk, however.

The autumnest autumn to ever autumnate!

If you look very closely on the left side of the horizon, you can see the Shard
"Look to the Shard
The Shard, my friend
You cannot escape
My friend!"

The smallest Willow tree I've ever seen

I can see Wembley Arena from my park!

Memorial to war prisoners and those in concentration camps in WWI & WWII

It. Was. Locked... The tires were locked...

Mostly unused track
Upon returning from Gladstone Park, I stayed inside and hibernated some more. I've been taking advantage of my spare time and have been doing some homework that's due immediately after break is over. This is so then I can ease into November, hopefully, not too exhausted.
The beauty of a Staycation is I can just stay in one location, if I wish, and be content. Though, I will be making a social run over to my friends in New Cross tomorrow; I'm excited to see them again. I was planning on seeing them yesterday, but nature literally called and said, "NOPE".
Til next time, lovelies!

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  1. Glad to hear you survived the storm, Lucas. We were thinking about you! --Peter J